Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Akton® polymer contain latex or plasticisers? 

Akton® polymer is an extremely soft synthetic rubber, which is free of latex and plasticizers. It should pose no problem for anyone with an allergy to any of the above.

When cutting Akton® gel how do you seal the edges?

It is possible to use talculm powder for the edges of Akton® gel once cut and shaped  we can also provide sealer strips (part number AO6A for a small price)


How thick are Ciltech Sheets/squares?

Extremely thin (less than 1mm) which makes them incredably discreet and comfortable to wear

Clean and Repair Service

Q: Is there are carriage charge for this service?

A: Collection charges apply but this is FREE  for 5 or more cushions when using the Clean and Repair service

Sumed® Bathing Range

Q. I can’t find the Sumed bathing range, are they discontinued?

A. The bathing range has been rebranded as the Flowform® Bathing Range with additional sizes.

Sumed® Ultra 90 

Q. I can’t find the original Sumed Ultra 90 cushion

A. This cushion has been redeveloped with extra immersion and lightweight properties for enhanced pressure relief. Have a look at the new Flowform® Ultra 90.

Viscotech® Community

Q: Can Viscotech® Community Mattresses be used on a profiling bed?

A: Yes

General Questions

Choosing a cushion from the Sumed Portfolio

Q: How can I get an overview of the full Sumed cushion range?

You can see an overview of the cushions Sumed offers on our Wallchart which shows cushion by risk category, maximum user weight limits and features such as positioning, envelopment or cushions for the active user.  Please note that final decisions on Cushion choice should be subject to clinical judgement. For a FREE copy of this Wallchart – available to employees of the NHS in sizes A2 or A3 e-mail sales@sumedinternational.com

We have also developed cushion at a glance overview pages by brand for ViscoPro®Action® and Viscotech®

You can also speak to your territory manager (see below)

Q: I require a bariatric cushion with more than a 25 Stones user weight limit

A: The Cushion Wallchart has a weight limit column (and risk category columns) but here are some of the highest user weight limits to start you off…(please contact head office for details as clinical assessment is required for choosing the correct cushion).

Viscotech Plus HD – Up to 28 Stones maximum user weight limit

Viscotech Standard HD – Up to 28 Stones maximum user weight limit

Viscotech® Supreme Contour Gel – Up to 28 Stones maximum user weight limit

Action® Professional® – Up to 35.0 Stones maximum user weight limit

Territory Managers

Q: I want to get in touch with my Territory Manager for a product assessment, who do I contact?

A: Type in your postcode or click on your county on the map on our find your rep page to find out who you need to contact for your area

Q: Do Sumed supply travel cushions and car seat cushions?

A: If you are interested in travel cushions please contact us or use our postcode map to find a territory manager. We need to check your requirements in order to offer adequate advice.

Pressure Ulcers

Q: How can I learn more about preventing pressure ulcers?

Sumed provide XSensor Pressure Mapping Assessment Days  where a member of our Team can be booked to assess patients for pressure relief and teach healthcare professionals about pressure ulcers.

Sumed are also sponsors of the Your Turn Campaign which seeks to educate Trusts and Patients about pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. The website provides answers on many of the important questions

Q: Is there an official Facebook and Twitter  page for Sumed?

A: Yes, the only official Sumed Facebook Page can be found at www.facebook.com/SumedInternational and the only official Sumed Twitter page can be found at https://twitter.com/SumedUK

Have a question that you can’t see above?  Contact Us directly at the head office