Medical Cushions

Why so much choice?

Just as we are all different shapes and sizes and are comfortable wearing different clothes and shoes, those using a pressure care cushion have different needs, feeling and senses-Your favorite pair of shoes may be totally unsuitable for somebody else!

So bearing in mind we are all very different and seating issues vary in complexity, it understandably leads to the need for a wide product offering, with different functions and abilities to enable the best seating solution for a particular individual.

Sumed International (UK) Limited has a market leading range of high quality, branded products supported by an experienced national sales team.

We have a wall-chart showing our different cushions and their features – you can download it here (3MB). We also have some further information on cushion selection criteria here.

The Principles

One of the most important factors relating to any cushioning product is understanding how it works. What added function does one product have compared to another and how does this relate to the proposed user? There are a few basic principles that are used during the design of a product and one or more of these principles will be found in every cushion that we offer.


This describes the way in which a cushion behaves to ensure even contact and distribution of pressure between the user and cushion.

Added function

Which includes the ability to position, reposition, prevent slumping, shear and possibly address issues with the back. The added function of the product is determined by the materials used in the manufacture of the product and the mechanical abilities determined by the design of the product.

Choice is an essential part of user satisfaction and it should be remembered that regardless of whether a product works correctly for an individual, if it isn’t liked, it isn’t working.