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Your Turn Campaign

Sumed is a proud sponsor of the Your Turn Campaign which has been raising awareness about pressure ulcers since 2006. The Your Turn Campaign targets healthcare professionals and uses education as a means to continuously improve knowledge of pressure damage amongst patients within hospitals and the community. The Your Turn Campaign is currently being voluntarily funded by a group of members of the BHTA (British Health Trade Association) who are involved in the supply of equipment used for Pressure Area Care.

This campaign not only provides the opportunity for long term cost savings to the NHS which spends £4 billion on pressure sores each year* but empowers elderly and vulnerable people to take charge of their own care plans and to ask the difficult questions.

You can find information on the Your Turn website with separate sections for healthcare professionals and patients. This includes tips on how to avoid and treat pressure ulcers, the top 10 tips for preventing pressure ulcers and facts about pressure ulcers. The questions page on the Your Turn website also includes ‘what are the symptoms of a pressure ulcer’, ‘who are affected’, ‘what are the risk factors involved with pressure ulcers’ and ‘how can I tell if a pressure ulcer is getting bigger.’

Interested  in signing up as a Trust?

Your Turn Your Trust  is an initiative with the following benefits:

  • Increase awareness of the issue amongst patients and carers
  • reduce the prevalence of pressure sores
  • develop an understanding at senior manager level and raise the profile of the tissue viability service
  • change the Trust’s response to pressure damage and therefore improve the patients and carer’s experience

Read about Trust success stories on the Your Turn website 

See attached below an example of the ISURF initiative that targets the indicators of pressure ulcers including incontinence, soreness or redness, general health, reduced mobility and nutrition

* Bennett, G. Dealey, C. & Posnett, J. (2004) the cost of pressure ulcers in the UK. Age and ageing, 33p230-235