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EasyGO/Open Electric Patient Lift and Transfer Chair


Experience convenience and care with the EasyGO, the revolutionary hoist with a one-of-a-kind patient lifting system. Make caregiving effortless and efficient with the electric mechanism and rechargeable battery, which enables you to effortlessly lift and transfer the user in just two simple movements. Whether it’s from wheelchair to bed, toilet, car, or any other place you desire, the EasyGO is your ultimate solution. Embrace a new era of caregiving – choose easyGO today and provide the comfort and ease your user deserves.

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EasyGO is a multifunctional electric transfer hoist for individuals with mobility difficulties – aiding transfers from one place to another.

EasyGO provides solutions to patients in their daily needs, such as lifting, transportation and accessibility to the car.

  • Designed to enhance the mobility and independence of the user’s life. By enabling users’ to move from the bed to the car independently, it not only fosters your sense of freedom but also reduces the need for constant assistance, giving them greater control over their daily lives.
  • Facilitates travel, offering a refreshing change of scenery. Whether it’s taking your loved one for fresh air or the garden to relax, these outings contribute to their happiness and well-being, combatting the adverse effects of prolonged bed rest and creating a more stimulating environment.
  • By allowing patients to change their posture from prolonged lying to a sitting position, EasyGO supports their physical and mental health. This change of posture enables patients to perform essential functions like using the toilet, ultimately improving their overall well-being.
  • Streamlines daily patient care by making it easier to transfer and lift patients from the bed to various areas such as the bathroom, living room, sofa, or wheelchair. This simplifies the caregiving process, reducing the effort required.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 66 × 39 × 91 cm

Features of EasyGO

  • Can be used as a walking aid
  • Can be used for transportation
  • Can be used as to lift
  • Removable seat
  • Sold Inox Structure
  • Easy Assembly/disassembly

Benefits of EasyGO

  • Allows user to walk/take steps for exercise
  • Gives the user a sense of freedom and control of their life
  • Reduces the stress of lifting on the carer and user
  • Enables the user to be comfortable before attaching the seat
  • Ensure safety and protection at all times when in use
  • Storage and transportation more convenient
Characteristics Specification
External  width of the adjustable base 67 – 105 cm
Internal width of the adjustable base 56-93 cm
Length 108 cm
Base height 15 cm
Minimum seat height from the ground 38 cm
Maximum seat height from the ground 78-88 cm
inner width between the arms 45 cm
Maximum user weight 115 kg
Total  weight 35 kg
Frame weight without electronic parts 10 kg
Diameter of front double wheels with brake 12 cm
Diameter of double rear wheels without brake 10 cm
Packing 91 x 66 x 39
Battery up to 40 uses until next charge 12Volt
Piston stroke 40 cm