Medical Mattresses

Why so much choice?

Different materials and construction allow different solutions to the issues facing those who spend long periods of time in bed.

Sumed International (UK) Limited has a market leading range of high quality, branded products supported by an experienced national sales team.

The Principles

One of the most important factors relating to any mattress product is understanding how it works. What added function does one product have compared to another and how does this relate to the proposed user? There are a few basic principles that are used during the design of a product and one or more of these principles will be found in every mattress that we offer.


This describes the way in which a mattress behaves to ensure even contact and distribution of pressure between the user and the mattress.

Added function

Which includes the additional benefits of reduction in shear and equalization of pressure rather than redistribution of pressure. The added function of the product is determined by the materials used in the manufacture of the product and the mechanical abilities determined by the design of the product.