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Redefine your independence with 4 effortless movements. This Innovative design ensures shear-free comfort, eliminating the need for rotation and reducing reliance on caregiver support. Elevate your daily routine with practicality and self-sufficiency.

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The Integrity® SIT-TO-STAND Specialist Bed is a thoughtful solution crafted to simplify your daily routine, reducing the need for caregiver assistance. This medical bed goes beyond the basics, ensuring smooth shifts between various positions with its shear-free and rotation-free design. And the best part? You control it all effortlessly with a simple remote.

Four key positions:

1. Sleeping:

  • Adjustable back raising function, from 0-75° a for a good night’s sleep.

2. Reclining:

  • Lean back and relax by raising the back and legs, making TV time or reading in bed more comfortable.

3. Sitting:

  • Find your perfect sitting spot—adjustable for any height. It’s the ideal setup for enjoying meals with ease.

4. Standing:

  • Elevate your independence with the lift-up function, supporting you in transitioning from lying down to standing. Perfect for those with limited mobility but have the ability to stand on their own.

The Integrity® SIT-TO-STAND Specialist Bed isn’t just a bed; it’s a game-changer. Now you can experience the flexibility to stand whenever you want, granting you greater control and freedom. Enjoy moments of independence by easily adjusting to different positions. It’s your personal haven, ideal for at-home use, blending functionality with an enhanced user experience. Experience the convenience of a versatile, user-friendly medical bed, tailor-made for the comfort of your home.

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4 Positions Available:

  • Sleeping Position
  • Reclining Position
  • Sitting Position
  • Standing Position