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Product focus Ciltech™ sheet and gel – the silicone solution to scarring

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Sumed is now able to provide the healthcare professional with a single, simple source for silicone scar treatment, by offering a comprehensive sheet and gel range from Ciltech™.

Offering  substantial cost savings, Ciltech™ Anti-Scar Gel and Ciltech™ Anti-Scar Elastomer Sheet provide the ideal solution for flattening, smoothing and reducing the discolouration associated with keloid or hypertrophic scars following surgery, burns or other traumatic wounds.

Hypertrophic and keloid scars have been successfully diminished by either silicone sheet or silicone gel treatment since the 1980s and it is believed that silicone treatment delivers partial occlusion and rehydration of the skin, leading to a reduction of scar size and prominence.

The Ciltech™ range comprises :-

Ciltech™ Anti-Scar Gel

Available in 15g or 60g packs and comprises a self-drying silicone based product which, when applied as a thin layer, will dry within about 5 minutes to form a transparent semi-occlusive film.

Ciltech™ Anti-Scar Elastomer Sheet

Available in 10cm x 20cm, 15cm x 15cm and 10cm x 10cm sheets, which can be cut to size – a self-adhesive conformable silicone sheet backed by a semi-permeable polyurethane film

The Ciltech™ products have been available on drug tariff since  November 2008 and are rapidly gaining widespread usage within Burns and Plastics departments as well as Hand therapy units.  
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