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Xact Product Care and Use

Guide to Product Care and Use

Xact Product Line

Important: These guidelines should be read fully before product is put in service.

Keep Guide in safe place for future reference. Manufacturer information located on back of Guide.

  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid contact with any sharp objects or pointed edges that may tear or puncture
  • Action® products are free of latex and plasticizers.

Risk Assessment

The risk of patients developing pressure related injury due to immobility can be minimized by the correct use of ACTION Pads in combination with good nursing practices, like regular repositioning of an immobilized patient. A patient ís predisposition to this type of injury is based on many factors including general health, vascular health, existing diabetic condition, age, weight, medication, etc. Consult your physician, physical or occupational therapist or medical advisor for personal risk assessment.
All covers meet the ìgniteability with Cigaretteî portion of ISO 7176-16:1997 and all covers and cushions meet California Technical Bulletin 133 (Cal TB133).


  1. Place cube pad on top of the foam base so that it covers the entire surface area.
  2. Make sure that all hook and loop strips on the cube pads are in firm contact with the corresponding hook and loop strips on the foam base.
  3. Insert the foam base with the attached cube pad into the cover with the thin side of the base facing the zipper side of the cover (bottom of cushion should be closest zipper).
  4. Make sure there are no creases in the cube pad before zipping the cover without catching the foam base or cube pad with the zipper.

Always check that the cube pad is evenly draped and fully attached to the foam base after transportation.


  • Carefully remove knit covers before cleaning wheelchair pads. Keep film corners and edges away from the zipper.
  • Recommended use of a 1:10 solution of bleach* and water to clean cube pad. May also use any conventional hospital approved topical equipment cleaners and disinfectants that do not contain alcohol. Thoroughly clean pad with solution.
  • ALWAYS THOROUGHLY rinse pads with clear water before placing user on pad or refitting cover to pad. This helps eliminate the possibility of skin irritation due to cleaning solution residue.
  • DO NOT use alcohol to clean pads. It may cause hardening or discoloration of surface.
  • Autoclaving and Gas Sterilization NOT recommended.
  • Foam base should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Never immerse base in water.
  • Anti-bacterial soap or 1:20 solution of bleach* may be used.

*Bleach is a 5-10% solution of Sodium Hypochlorite.

Xact® Positioning Cushions

 XACT Classic, LP, LPI, LPD, and Individual and Twisterô Lite are used by those who mobilize using a wheelchair for 4 or more hours per day. All users should perform regular weight shifting techniques as suggested by therapists. Discretional use of the hook and loop attachments can attach the seating product to the seat sling at the users preference.


  • Remove pad from packaging
  • Fully read this Care and Use Guide
  • Locate the handle on the flat underside of the cushion cover
  • Place cushion in wheelchair with handle to the front of the wheelchair with the contoured side facing up.


When not in use, pad should be stored in a dry area, out of direct sunlight in a flat position.

Store pads away from sharp objects and pointed edges to prevent tears and punctures.

Follow washing instructions on covers.


  1. Carefully unzip the cover without catching the foam base or cube pad with the zipper.
  2. Gently remove the foam base with the attached cube pad without ripping the cover.
  3. To safely remove cube pad from foam base, press down with a finger on both the hook and loop surfaces to avoid tearing.


XACT Seating Systems, TWISTER Cushions and all other products utilizing ACTION Cube Pad technology are warranted free of defective materials and workmanship at the time when first purchased for use and are serviceable for a period of two years provided the product is not subjected to misuse, negligence accident or abuse.


  1. All returns require prior authorization Contact Customer Service at Sumed International (UK) Limited
  2. Sumed International (UK) Limited reserves the right to decide whether a cushion is repairable.
  3. Sumed International (UK) Limited reserves the right to determine whether or not a product has suffered misuse, negligence or abuse.
  4. Product user accepts the full cost of shipping.


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They are your guarantee that you are receiving The One, The Only, The Original Action® Pad.

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