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Tempur Premier Mattress

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When special focus on risk patients is required, like in intensive care units the TEMPUR-MED Premier Mattress is the obvious choice. The 7cm layer of TEMPUR Material combined with 8 cm high resilient foam provides optimum pressure relief and comfort for the patient. The TEMPUR-MED Premier Mattress is used in intensive care wards as well as hospital departments with long-term patients, elderly patients and patients already suffering from pressure ulcers.

The visco-elastic and thermo active properties ensures optimal pressure relief. Patients that are placed on the TEMPUR-MED Premier Mattress mould into the material due to body temperature and weight. The body weight is absorbed and distributed. The pressure is distributed over the entire surface, thus reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

Suitable for weights up to 8 stone (50.8kg)

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    The TEMPUR Material is a visco-elastic, temperature sensitive open cell material which has unique pressure relieving qualities. Unlike ordinary polyurethane which features irregular cell shapes that simply compress under weight and degenerate over a short period of time, the TEMPUR Pressure Relieving Material is composed of billions of visco-elastic spherical shaped, open cells. The cells respond to body temperature and weight then shift and reorganise their position to mould to the exact contours of the patient’s body. The TEMPUR Pressure Relieving Material becomes softer in warmer areas and remains firmer in cooler areas, where less body contact is being made.