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Netti 4U CE Plus Tilt In Space Wheelchair Patient Specified


Experience exceptional comfort and adaptability with the Netti 4U CE Plus tilt in space wheelchair. Suitable for all ages. Exclusively distributed in Great Britain by Sumed.

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    Netti 4U CE Plus: Your Ultimate Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair


    Discover the adaptability of the Netti 4U CE Plus, a tilt-in-space wheelchair that stands out for its flexible seat width. This feature makes it an ideal choice as a case-based flat-rate solution.


    Versatile Seating for Diverse Needs

    Specially designed for users of all ages, the CE Plus edition takes personalisation to the next level with seat depth adjustment ranging from 375 to 450 mm. Additionally, choose from a range of seat widths (350 to 500 mm) with an optional plus/minus 40 mm adjustment, providing a customised fit and flexibility for storage. Approved for users weighing up to 135 kg, the Netti 4U CE Plus ensures robust and reliable support, meeting diverse individual needs.


    Therapeutic Comfort and Infinite Adjustment Options

    Take advantage of the one-handed operation of the armrest, easily detachable leg and headrest, hinged brakes, and height-adjustable push handles. Moreover, explore the optional Libertas back function for enhanced comfort. Immerse yourself in therapeutic benefits with flexible seat depth and infinite adjustment options for back and a seat tilt range of -5° – +20°. Notably, its lightweight and narrow design enhances overall user comfort. Finally, experience a personalised touch with the angle-adjustable headrest and leg rest, providing ergonomic support at every pivot point.


    Economical Efficiency and Spare Parts Compatibility

    Experience cost-effective maintenance with spare parts compatibility across Netti chairs, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing expenses. Enjoy peace of mind with the Netti 4U CE Plus, backed by a five-year guarantee on the frame, emphasising its commitment to durability.


    Additionally, these chairs offer versatile customisation, from the Comfort CE PLUS chair to a fully adjustable system on the Netti III frame. Embrace the adaptability and personalised features to make your mobility journey uniquely yours.


    Pressure Care Cushions:

    Explore our selection of Wheelchair Cushions designed for optimal comfort and support. Specialising in pressure care, our range caters to diverse needs, promoting health and well-being. View our collection now to discover solutions tailored to you:

    Step-Up the Chair with Accessories

    • Most accessories are interchangeable across the entire range of chairs, not limited to one frame type.
    • Introduce complex solutions on the basic model chairs.
    • Dynamic options available for the leg supports. Particularly beneficial where leg supports are frequently damaged with leg spasms, etc.

    Warranted against manufacturing defects for 5 years on all chair frames, and 2 years on all accessories.

    Seat Width:

    35 / 40 / 45 / 50cm (13.8 / 15.8 / 17.7 / 19.7 inches)

    Seat Depth: 

    42.5 – 50cm (16.7″ – 19.7″)(37.5 – 45cm (14.8″ – 17.7″) on short version)

    Back Height:

    50cm / 60cm (19.7″ / 23.6″)

    Seat Height:

    44 – 51cm (17.3″ – 20.1″) (without cushion)

    Max. Load:

    135kg (21 stone 4 lb)


    -5° – +20°


    90° – 135°

    Chassis Weight:

    27.5 – 29kg (4 stone 5lb – 4 stone 8 lb)

    • Ball and socket head support adjustment, for ideal head positioning
    • Overall chair width is only 18cm wider than the seat width
    • Tension adjustable back straps as the standard option
    • Back folds down for compact transportation
    • 8cm of width adjustment

    The Netti 4U CE PLUS is crash tested to ISO 7176-19 for a load up to 135kg (21stone 4lb).

    Find out more about the Libertas Back System with 15° flexibility.

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