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Polyair Pressure Relief Cushions


Polyair® Cushions are medical cushions used to prevent pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores). They use air-cell technology which is widely recognised as the best way of preventing pressure ulcers in seated patients.

This cushion can be used for patients with any level of risk and for people who already have pressure ulcers. The Polyair cushion is suitable for use on wheelchairs, riser recliner chairs, car seats and other types of seating.

Polyair has a number of key advantage over other static air cell cushions – the cover is manufactured from Laxprene® material which is very flexible and elastic with a high tear strength which increases the cushions durability when compared with other similar products manufactured from Neoprene. The cover is manufactured using dipping technology which makes it extremely thin but with a constant thickness throughout.

The second key feature is that the cushion has a gauge to assist in setting up the cushion, this makes it possible for the cushion to be set up by a person without experience in setting up air cell cushions.

The final key feature of the Polyair cushion is that it uses a honeycomb design, unlike other aircell products, which leads to better stability, while the user is seated.

Like all aircell cushions, this cushion has excellent levels of immersion and envelopment, which are the key features in reducing interface pressure and therefore avoiding pressure ulcers

POLYAIR® cushion valves are all non-leak (like the tyres on a car), meaning that if the pump is not attached, the valve will not leak the air from the cushion.

As part of our winter sale we’re offering a free cushion cover worth £66 with every two Polyair cushions bought.

This product is also available to hire, see the 'Rental' tab below


Prevent Pressure Ulcers with Advanced Air-Cell Tech

Polyair® Pressure Relief Cushions use air-cell technology to prevent pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores) in seated patients. This is the best solution for reducing interface pressure and avoiding pressure injuries.

Suitable for All Risk Levels and Existing Ulcers

The Polyair® cushion benefits patients with any pressure ulcer risk level, including those with existing pressure ulcers. It suits wheelchairs, riser recliners, car seats, and more.

Key Features for Optimal Pressure Relief and Durability

  1. Laxprene® Material: The cushion cover features Laxprene®, a highly flexible and elastic material with exceptional tear strength, ensuring superior durability.
  2. Dipping Manufacturing: The dipping process results in a consistently thin yet durable cushion cover.
  3. Integrated Pressure Gauge: The built-in gauge allows users to easily set the appropriate inflation level.
  4. Honeycomb Design: The unique air-cell layout enhances stability and contact area, distributing pressure effectively.

Excellent Pressure Ulcer Prevention

The Polyair® pressure relief cushions provide excellent immersion and envelopment. These key features reduce interface pressure and prevent pressure ulcers, protecting patients from the discomfort and complications of pressure sores.

Easy Inflation and Non-Leak Valves

The non-leak Polyair® valves ensure the air does not accidentally escape. The included hand pump with inflation bulb and pressure gauge makes it easy to achieve the optimal inflation level.

Trusted Quality and Performance

Polyair® pressure relief cushions are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. With their advanced features and proven performance, you can trust the Polyair® cushion to provide reliable and effective pressure management for your patients.

Comprehensive Pressure Ulcer Prevention Solution

In addition to the cushion’s excellent pressure relief capabilities, Polyair® offers a complete system for preventing pressure ulcers. This includes accessories like covers, pumps, and educational resources to ensure optimal outcomes for patients.

Commitment to Innovation and Patient Comfort

Polyair® is dedicated to developing innovative pressure relief solutions that prioritise patient comfort and safety. By combining advanced technology with a focus on user-friendly design, Polyair® helps healthcare providers deliver the best possible care.


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36cm x 36cm x 6cm, 40cm x 40cm x 6cm, 40cm x 43cm x 6cm, 40cm x 46cm x 6cm, 43cm x 43cm x 6cm, 46cm x 40cm x 6cm, 46cm x 46cm x 6cm, 51cm x 46cm x 6cm, 51cm x 50cm x 6cm, 40cm x 40cm x 10cm, 40cm x 43cm x 10cm, 40cm x 46cm x 10cm, 43cm x 43cm x 10cm, 46cm x 40cm x 10cm, 46cm x 46cm x 10cm, 51cm x 46cm x 10cm, 51cm x 50cm x 10cm, 43cm x 46cm x 6cm, 43cm x 46cm x 10cm


2, 1


1, 2


Polyair Literature V5 – PDF

Polyair-user-guide-v2 – PDF


The POLYAIR® 100 and POLYAIR® 60 are named after their cell height (in millimetres).

  • POLYAIR® 100 = 100mm / 10cm / 4 inches high
  • POLYAIR® 60 = 60mm / 6cm / 2.4 inches high

Maximum user weight for POLYAIR® cushions is 31.5 stone (200kg).

3 Year warranty on all POLYAIR® cushions, and 2 years on covers.

Both cushions are available in either single or two compartments. (Limited sizes available for single compartment cushions)

The two compartment cushions are suitable to be used any way round (depending on access to the inflation valves), to provide a solution to either a left/right or a front/back configuration. The separate compartments can be inflated to the same level, or at different levels to manage situations such as pelvic imbalance.

For more stability see the POLYAIR® Comfort.

Inflation and Checking on 2 Compartment Cushions.

Inflating the 2 compartment cushions is the same as inflating the single compartment cushions, except that it has to be done twice. The hand pump supplied with the cushion inflates the cushion quickly, and easily.

With the use of the pressure gauge, attached to the pump, setting the inflation for users is simple:

  • Switch the pressure gauge on – the lights will flash.
  • Attach the pump hose to the cushion. Inflate the cushion until the MIN light is on steadily. (Repeat on second compartment, if the cushion has two compartments)
  • Seat the user on the cushion correctly.
  • Gently press the orange air-release button to allow the user to become immersed into the cushion. Keep checking the setting of the cushion, until appropriate setting has been reached.

Two Compartment Cushion Codes

POLYAIR® 100 Code Size POLYAIR® 60 Code
N/A 14×14 in (36x36cm) P301C36361HW
P302C40401HW 16×16 in (40x40cm) P301C40401HW
P302C40431HW 16×17 in (40x43cm) P301C40431HW
P302C40461HW 16×18 in (40x46cm) P301C40461HW
P302C43431HW 17×17 in (43x43cm) P301C43431HW
P302C43461HW 17×18 in (43x46cm) P301C43461HW
P302C46401HW 18×16 in (46x40cm) P301C46401HW
P302C46461HW 18×18 in (46x46cm) P301C46461HW
P302C51461HW 20×18 in (51x46cm) P301C51461HW
P302C51501HW 20×20 in (51x50cm) P301C51501HW

All cushions are supplied with one water-resistant, breathable cover, with an anti-slip base and two eyelets for access to the valve(s).

If you would like to purchase a spare cover at the time of purchasing your cushion, simply replace “1HW” at the end of the cushion code with “2HW”.


Single Compartment Cushion Codes

POLYAIR® 100 Code Size POLYAIR® 60 Code
P302CM40401HW 16X16 in (40X40cm) P301CM40401HW
P302CM43431HW 17×17 in (43x43cm) P301CM43431HW
P302CM46461HW 18×18 in (46x46cm) P301CM46461HW

All cushions are supplied with one water-resistant, breathable cover, with an anti-slip base and two eyelets for access to the valve(s).

If you would like to purchase a spare cover at the time of purchasing your cushion, simply replace “1HW” at the end of the cushion code with “2HW”.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer special sizes in these cushions.

Hire Prices

Daily hire price for first 4 days of rental period Daily hire price for days 5 - 7 Daily hire price for days 8 - 14 Daily hire price for days 15 - 21 Daily hire price for days 22 - 28 Daily hire price for month 2 Daily hire price for month 3 Daily hire price for months 4 - 12
£1.80 £1.50 £1.50 £1.20 £1.20 £0.96 £0.84 £0.60

The minimum rental period is 15 days.

So the minimum rental price is: £23.40.

Rental prices exclude VAT.

All rentals will be subject to a refundable deposit, an initial rental fee, a non-refundable delivery and collection fee.

Private Rentals are initially only available within a 60 mile radius of our Office in Hadfield, which is 10 miles South East of Manchester.

All Rentals are subject to our terms and conditions of hire.

If you'd like to hire this equipment, please get in touch using the form below: