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Action Xact XPAK Positioning Assessment Kit

The Xact® XPAK Positioning Assessment Kit allows simple client-specific solutions, producing Xact® Individual bespoke cushions. The kit comprises 16 reusable modifier components including:

Action Xact XPAK Positioning Assessment Kit
  • Anti-thrust supports (2 ea)
  • Obliquity supports (4 ea)
  • Ctracture supports (2 ea)
  • Aductor Rails (2 ea)
  • Pommel (1 ea)
  • Foam Bases (2 ea)
  • Action® Cube pad (1 ea)

Xact® Individual

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Custom fabricated for each client’s unique needs Xact® Individual is ideal for clients who require multiple cushion modifications in order to produce the best pressure relieving results. Xact Individual provides a high performance solution for clients with an orthopedic/neurological injury or congential condition. Also ideal for patients who are unable to self-propel/shift or transfer and are at Medium to High Risk of Pressure Ulcer damage.

Xact Individual
Xact® Individual: Customised Medium to High Risk
cushion made to order for premium quality

A custom fabricated seat cushion is covered if the following criteria is met:

  1. Patient meets all of the criteria for a prefabricated skin protection seat cushion or positioning seat cushion.
  2. There is a comprehensive written evaluation by a licensed clinician, which clearly explais why a prefabricated seating system is not sufficient to meet the patient’s seating and positioning needs.