Action Mattress Overlays


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Made of 100% AktonĀ® polymer, these Mattress Overlays are used to cover the entire surface or isolated areas of an existing standard mattress. Used by hospitals and long term care facilities as a significant component in prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers, AktonĀ® polymer will not migrate like gels, does not promote bacterial growth, and is ideal for multiple client use. Some models are available with a hook and loop hitch used to secure one end of the overlay to the head of the bed. The hitch will reduce slippage when the bed is raised.

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17" x 27" x 7/8", 27" x 46" x 7/8", 27" x 80" x 5/8", 35" x 80" x 5/8", 27" x 74" x 5/8"

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