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BART DAYS 2024 – Quantifying Posture and Postural Interventions Bart Van der Heyden, PT, Medical Workshop

Medical workshop


We are back for another annual BART DAYS! Get ready for a week-long roadshow from Monday 4th to Friday 8th March 2024.


This time we will be focussing on quantifying posture and postural interventions with our guest speaker, Bart Van Der Heyden, PT, who brings 25 years of expertise in seating, wound care, and mobility.


Bart is a skilled, experienced clinician with a global, hands-on, multidisciplinary view of clinical practice and seating and is in the UK this March. He established a physical therapy practice in Belgium, where he then developed numerous training courses and workshops covering skin management, seating assessment, and techniques tailored for various user populations. During the course of his career he has presented for seating specialists across the globe, developing a seating approach for clinical problem-solving and maximising outcomes. 


On the whole we aim to provide you with valuable insights and practical know-how through our medical workshop. This will help develop your expertise in posture and postural intervention as well as foster connections with other working professionals.


Event Schedule:

Walsall: 4th March

Wrexham: 5th March

Preston: 6th March

Edinburgh: 7th March

Dublin: 8th March


Workshop Agenda:
1. Measuring seat cushion performance – Evaluating physical characteristics of wheelchair cushions in clinical settings
  • Overview of EPUAP/NPUAP guidelines on seating and seat cushions.
  • Discussion on measuring pressure re-distribution and off-loading properties using pressure imaging.
  • Clinical cases and medical workshop on seat cushion evaluation.
2. Quantifying Posture – Evaluating Seat Cushion Strategies for Pelvic Alignment Management
  • Overview of different seat cushion strategies for managing pelvic alignment.
  • How to quantify pelvic alignment using pressure imaging.
  • Clinical cases and medical workshop on pelvic alignment evaluation.
3. Adjusting the Wheelchair – Measuring the Effect of Wheelchair Interventions on Pelvic Loading
  • Overview of the effect of common seating interventions on pelvic loading.
  • Clinical cases and medical workshop aiming to quantify the effect of postural interventions on pelvic loading using pressure imaging.


In closing, we will finish with a collective summary. This will give you the opportunity to have an open discussion with Bart and other medical professionals and as a result you gain a roadmap for effective seat cushion and wheelchair seating strategies using pressure imaging findings.


If you are interested in attending to listen to Bart Van der Heyden, email


Download Agenda:

Sumed Roadshow UK March ’24

Bart Van Der Heyden LinkedIn:

If you are interested in attending to listen to Bart Van der Heyden, email


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