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Sofcare Mattress Overlay


Sofcare Overlay

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  • Uses 3-layer technology to avoid the overlay bottoming out
  • One size
  • Low profile
  • Can be used any way up or round*
  • Inflated manually by hand pump**, or by using the Sofcare System pump
  • Suitable for user weight up to 25st. (158.8kg)
  • Warranty 30 days

*When rotating or flipping the mattress consider where the air valve will be placed for attaching the pump.

**Stryker recommends a maximum of 50 pumps to fully inflate the overlay. Use fewer pumps for a softer outcome. One pump is both a pull and a push motion.

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Product Code Product Name Product Dimensions
CC476CE Sofcare Seat Cushion 18″ x 19.6″ (47 x 50cm)
SC840 Sofcare Overlay 74″ x 33″ (188cm x 83.8cm)
27812 Sofcare Hand Pump N/A

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